Sunday, December 18, 2005

White Christmas - a Classic

White Christmas was produced in 1954 and starred Bing Crosby , Danny Kaye , Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen . We watched this last night and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all the age groups represented by our family which run from being in the late forties down through the early twenties, teens, single digits and ultimately finishes with infancy. Okay – Elsa, at 7 months, might be a little young to add her two bits to this review but she was often engaged, glancing at the TV screen with interest and cooing along with the melodies.

I read an original review and was struck by how the writer had not particularly enjoyed the movie in stark contrast to our family's enjoyment and our wish that there were more innocent movies of this type still produced today. Little did the author of this review realize that this would become a Christmas Classic.

We enjoyed the dance routines as well as the slick timing of Danny Kay as Bing's foil in this musical. Many of the lines while possibly considered corny by some, brought laughs from all ages groups in this family of 14.

The story line is that of an army general fallen on hard times and a Captain (Bing Crosby) and a Private (Danny Kay) from his army career become a successful music act and while in pursuit of a sister act (Clooney & Vera-Ellen) they show up at his Ski Resort in Vermont; where no snow has brought business to a stand still. Wallace and Davis (Crosby & Kaye) decide to bring their act to the inn so as to generate some income for the General and help him save his inn.

There is a slight romance plot to it, tastefully done and adds to the enjoyment of the story line. The dance routines are awesome and Kaye, I think, completely steals the show with his perfect delivery as well as his dancing. Crosby is at his usual best but Kaye shone, so much so that I am inspired to look for other movies that he is in.

If you have forgotten this classic or have never watched it, take time to include it in your Christmas line up this season as it is very enjoyable and takes you back to a time of innocence as well as when it was still okay to wish one another a Merry Christmas without fear of being ‘un PC’.

We rented this through Netflix, but it can be found on Amazon and, no doubt, in your local movie rental store.


Julie D. said...

Unfortunately I watched this movie right after first seeing Holiday Inn (Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire) which I enjoyed so much more that I don't think I could judge it fairly. I saw it as pleasant, certainly fine family fair, but not as good as other vehicles for any of the stars.

Pam in Colorado said...

I used to watch this every year when I was younger. I think it is time to view it again. Thanks for the reminder.